Liz_Phalp_WhenIMatter.jogLiz Phalp is a wife,a mother of 7, a master listener and creator, and has been coaching individuals for over five years to discover ways to show up more powerfully in all areas of their lives. She has a gift for listening in a way that gives space for real work to happen. In a safe, trusting environment, where judgement isn’t in the way, Liz has helped many clients discover the power they have to create their businesses, relationships, and bodies in a way that leaves them fulfilled and fully alive.

Liz graduated from BYU with a degree in Human Biology, fascinated with the medical field, got an EMT certification, then moved into statistical programming for pharmaceutical companies. With a limited exposure to alternative medicine at BYU, and years of studying and teaching martial arts and meditation, she gravitated towards the world of natural alternatives for health care and childbirth. After the births of her first two children (in a hospital but natural), she became interested in hypnosis for childbirth. After a completely relaxed, focused, empowering and pain-free birth of her 3rd, she studied more hypnosis and became a certified hypnotherapist and Childbirth Hypnosis instructor and taught classes for a number of years.

Combining her understanding of nutrition and the mind/body connection, she became a health coach and the Green Smoothie Goddess when she developed a program for improving energy, losing fat, and discovering the joy that comes from eating food in it’s more whole, natural state. She spoke at many events and ran group and individual coaching programs.

In more recent years, Liz has been coaching entrepreneurs, speakers and coaches on the principles that create high performance, and creating power in their businesses and all areas of their lives.


I have a deep appreciation for coaching. I’ve had a handful of brilliant coaches who have contributed to my life in ways that have created nothing short of miracles. My relationship with my teenage daughter is something I couldn’t put a price on, and the changes and fulfillment I experience there alone are enough to make any time or money invested into coaching well worth it. Every relationship in my life has changed. I have a love and appreciation for the people in my life now, that I never realized I was missing before. Even the relationships that used to be the most difficult, now show up as fulfilling opportunities of relating. This to me is the highest level of wealth life has to offer.

Most of all, my relationship with myself has changed. I see myself as someone that can be counted on. The feeling of freedom and power that comes from that is unbelievable, and it’s something I want for everyone.

I’ve been blessed to experience miracles in the lives of my clients. I’ve seen this work take a family from the lowest, most broken terrifying place, to more whole, experiencing more love and understanding and strength of each individual member, than they had ever experienced. I’ve seen clients experience more freedom and control of their health. I’ve seen clients go from a point of having $200 total and no motivation to create any more income, to high 6 figures in less than 6 months.

The most exciting thing for me has been to see clients come to know their power and ability to use their life for something that makes them come alive. I love this work.